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While the other 2012 presidential campaigns have used political action committees to do their dirty work for them, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has consistently put his own name on the negative/ contrast ads that he’s run.

That’s why you hear “I”m Ron Paul, and I approve this message” at the end of his ads as opposed to “Blah Blah Blah approved the content of these ads.”

Anyway, Paul’s latest effort is a one-minute contrast spot that seeks to contrast his record and the records of his top three “Republican” rivals – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Citing various examples from the litany of anti-free market positions these three establishment politicians have taken over the years, the ad refers to Romney as a “flip-flopper,” Santorum as a “counterfeit conservative” and Gingrich as a “serial hypocrite.”

“Three men, one vision: More big government, more mandates, less freedom,” the ad declares.

Take a look by clicking the box above or clicking here.

It’s a good spot (the music reminds us of the new Batman theme), but given the intense saturation of the market at this point we wonder whether it’s going to make an impact.

There are just so many ads competing for the attention of an increasingly annoyed electorate that it’s difficult to know whether anything resembling the truth is getting through.