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For those of you unfamiliar with Sinead O’Connor’s ongoing descent into madness, you’re missing out …

And while it can be argued that a singer whose sole claim to fame was covering a Prince song twenty years ago isn’t deserving of such attention, such a hypercritical world view would be to ignore the importance O’Connor places on “the difficult brown.”

The “difficult brown” craze began back in August of last year when O’Connor took to her blog to discuss her desire for more sex … particularly in her bum:

I’ve been repeatedly asked will I ‘do anal sex’. Let me make it very clear.. Any man I contemplate has to be into anal sex.. It was a family paper so they wudnt have printed it but let me now take time to make VERY clear that yes I ‘do anal’ and in fact I would be deeply unhappy if ‘doing anal’ wasn’t on the menu, amongst everything else$$ So if u don’t like ‘the difficult brown’.. Don’t apply…

Wow … right?

The term has caught on … and gained additional exposure as O’Connor’s recent marriage to some poor Irish lad imploded.

Believe it or not, O’Connor’s entry is now the number one definition on Urban Dictionary – which defines “the difficult brown” as “the process of giving it to someone up the butt.”

So … what does any of this have to do with the recently-divorced Katy Perry? Nothing … we just figure that you’d rather look at pictures of Perry frolicking in a bikini in Hawaii last month than pics of O’Connor (who looks like this now).