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While his famous wife yucked it up with the national press corps, S.C. First Gentleman Michael Haley was busy letting it all hang out at the Masters Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. prior to Monday’s pivotal “First in the South” presidential debate, multiple sources have confirmed to FITS.

Awesome, right? Nothing like the smell of alcohol and stripper musk to class things up …

Of course S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley probably isn’t going to mind her husband paying a visit to the club … after all, both Haleys are said to have partied hard at this same club during an August 2009 visit to Myrtle Beach.  Both are also alleged to have attended the VIP Club – a prominent adult entertainment destination in Chicago, Illinois – during a 2008 conference sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Aside from these joint visits, Michael Haley is reportedly a regular in the VIP room at Heartbreakers, a strip club in Columbia, S.C. In fact, he’s been spotted on more than one occasion by multiple witnesses leaving the premises of the club with various, um, employees.

We’re guessing the governor doesn’t mind that either, though …

Naturally, this website has no problem with the Palmetto State’s First Couple supporting our state’s exotic dancing industry. After all our founding editor has enthusiastically pumped thousands of dollars into that same industry (although there were a few expenditures at an all-nude club in Santee, S.C. that he has since come to regret).

We would, however, like to take this opportunity to remind both the governor and the First Gentlemen that no matter how hard they might wish otherwise, “there is no sex in the champagne room.”