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Dear Editor,

I’m voting for Ron Paul in the South Carolina primary because he represents a current within the Republican Party and the Right in general in the United States that has largely been forgotten or misrepresented.  Many Americans have short memories and too often suffer from the “arrogance of modernity,” failing to fully question how it is that we got from where we were in history to where we are today, and consider whether we could have done better.  Many in the Republican Party who call themselves “conservatives” are really unwitting defenders of an earlier version of liberalism (circa the 1960s/Cold War era) from the current, even crazier “politically correct” liberalism that first struck its present hegemonic stride in the 90s.  Ron Paul’s candidacy reminds us of our fundamental roots on the Right, and raises issues that the elites would rather keep silent.  Slick establishment commentators often accuse Ron Paul of “blaming America first,” but they miss a key distinction: it is not “America” that is to blame for certain failed policies (overseas or at home)—it is the government in Washington, DC that is entirely blameworthy.  And that regime is the furthest thing from “American” that one can get.  Ultimately, Ron Paul’s candidacy holds a mirror up to the nation and invites us to partake of two important lessons: 1) to learn who it is that really holds power in a society, ask who it is that you’re not allowed to criticize, and 2) to discover which candidates for office represent true, positive change, look at which ones the media howls and shrieks about the loudest.


Paul Fallavollita
Former Precinct Captain for the Bachmann for President Campaign
Greenville, South Carolina

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