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The Greenville, S.C. Tea Party has released a legislative scorecard for Upstate members of the S.C. General Assembly … and it ain’t pretty.

Four State Senators – Mike Fair (RINO-Greenville), Billy O’Dell (RINO- Anderson), Thomas Alexander (RINO-Oconee) and Larry Martin (RINO-Pickens) – received failing grades. So did eighteen State Representatives – including each member of the infamous “Spartanburg Six,” a group of status quo lawmakers who voted en masse against a groundbreaking parental choice bill.

While we take legislative scorecards (as well as people who slap the “Tea Party” label on themselves) with a veritable ocean of salt here at FITS, this is actually a well-conceptualized, thorough document. You know … unlike S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s less-than-ambitious report cards.

That’s not surprising, though …

As we’ve noted on numerous occasions, Haley’s 2011 agenda included no tax relief, no spending cuts, no taxpayer rebate fund, no parental choice … and no real government restructuring. Maybe that’s why RINOs like Martin who failed the Tea Party scorecards managed to earn an “A’s” from Haley.

Oh well …

Most importantly, the willingness of this organization to call out these free-spending “Republicans in Name Only” shows that at least one of the state’s Tea Party organizations hasn’t been totally co-opted by the GOP establishment – which is great news for taxpayers.

To view the report cards for yourself, click on the link below …