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Earlier this week we posted a big story about one of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s cabinet members allegedly being a homosexual atheist.

Huge news, right?

No … not really. Assuming it’s true, we don’t especially care one way or the other. In fact here’s our latest affirmation of gay rights. And here’s a refresher regarding our views on Bible thumping.

More importantly, last time we checked an elected official or political appointee’s ability to cut taxes and limit spending has nothing to do with race, creed, gender or sexual orientation (although in South Carolina, it’s usually straight white Republican men who are raising taxes and hiking spending).

Anyway …

The only reason we even wrote about this story in the first place was because it involved a specific S.C. Senator who claims to have been lied to by the Haley administration regarding this particular cabinet member’s um … batting preference. Of course this claim (which if accurate wouldn’t be the first time Haley has lied to a lawmaker) was made shortly after Haley endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, which reportedly angered this Senator greatly given Romney’s previous views on the issue of abortion.

And you’re now officially up to speed …

For those of you who still care about this story, it didn’t take long for tips to start pouring in. And while we haven’t asked about any cabinet directors’ sexual orientation, multiple sources have confirmed to FITS that S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) director Lillian Koller is no friend of Jesus.

Not only has Koller reportedly “Scrooged out” on Christian-themed decorations in SCDSS work spaces, but several sources at the agency tell FITS that she recently “comforted” friends of an agency worker who died in a car crash by telling them that there was no such thing as heaven.

We don’t have a problem with her doing either of those things, obviously, but then again we’re not one of the many white Republican lawmakers from the socially conservative Upstate region of South Carolina who like to start crusades over issues like this.

So is Koller an atheist? Or a taco lover?

We really don’t care … our only focus in assessing her will be whether or not she’s doing a good job running her agency, which received $119.2 million in state funds this year so that it could manage the distribution of more than $2.1 billion in federal social welfare funds earmarked for the state.

So is Koller doing a good job?

Honestly? We don’t know … obviously we know that’s a crap ton of money that doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot of good in terms of improving people’s quality of life in our state, but we just haven’t paid enough attention to this agency to speak authoritatively as to its performance.

Accordingly, it’s probably about time (or rather past time) that we started giving Koller’s agency the same level of scrutiny we’ve been giving other state agencies (see here, here and here for examples of what we’re talking about).

So Merry Christmas, Koller … or something.