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Where does this website’s prodigious volume of content come from?

Well, for legal reasons we’re technically not allowed to say (kidding … sort of), but thanks to photographer David Asiamah you now have a pretty good idea.

Pictured above are Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie)’s “tools of the trade” – a Swiss Army backpack, two Futuro wrist guards, a Toshiba Qosmio laptop, a Sony Handycam (w/ remote), an Olympus digital audio recorder, a Droid 3 smart phone and a Sony 2 GB flash drive – all of which Asiamah included in his second installment on our founding editor.

(To view the results of Asiamah’s first session with Sic and his family, click here).

Asiamah’s latest piece delves into Sic’s expansive literary collection – as well as his being “connected” and a “fighter” – although it was his closing reference that we liked most.

“Family appears to be the single most important thing to him,” the photographer writes. “His workplace is as much a reflection of him as it is a reflection of his children. Toys, drawings, and pictures appear to blend naturally into the work/playspace.”

Indeed … and that family is growing, especially this little lad (Phillippe Randolph), who at 11 weeks is already a strapping 16 pounds.

Proud papa? You bet…

Anyway, check out Asiamah’s site here … and check out his latest piece on Sic Willie by clicking on link below …


Main Pic: David Asiamah