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“She’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis …”

Err, sorry … that’s clearly not a reference to the subject of this post, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley. She’s obviously a bad girl … which is why she’s “Free Fallin,” and not in a good way.

In the four days since a Winthrop University poll showed Haley’s approval rating at an anemic 34.6 percent, the first-year governor of the Palmetto State has continued to step in it at every turn. In fact, she’s suffering through what appears to be her worst media week we’ve ever seen from a South Carolina governor (with the possible exception of Mark Sanford’s “soul mate” show).

Let’s recap, shall we?

Haley’s bad week began with a ferocious 1-2 punch from reporter Renee Dudley of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier. Not only did Dudley bust Haley wasting taxpayer resources on a bogus health care study, but she also caught the governor’s office being transparently anti-transparent (again).

Here are her stories:

POST AND COURIER: Haley Dictated Panel Finding (By Renee Dudley)
POST AND COURIER: Request Brought Irrelevant Material (By Renee Dudley)

The reports by Dudley – who was once derisively referred to by Haley as a “little girl” – ginned up negative national coverage for the governor, too:

GOVERNOR’S JOURNAL: Haley Unmasked By Email (By GoJo Staff)
THE HILL: GOP Gov. Haley Accused Of Wasting Tax Dollars on ‘Sham’ Study (By Julian Pecquet)

Meanwhile back on the home front, Chris Haire of The (Charleston, S.C.) City Paper – outraged by yet another example of Haley’s “willingness to lie and deceive my fellow South Carolinians” – decided to publish Haley’s actual government email address ( as part of his effort to get people to vent their spleens at her ongoing hypocrisy.

Here’s his story:

CITY PAPER: Wanna Email Governor Haley? (By Chris Haire)

In Greenville, S.C., perhaps the most damaging story of all for Haley deals with the lingering impact of the “Savannah River Sellout” on the governor’s legislative agenda for 2012 … you know, in the event she ever offers one. Specifically, the report notes that Haley’s recent assault on State Senators who investigated her flagrant betrayal of the state’s economic and environmental interests is not likely to be well-received.

Here’s that report:

GREENVILLE NEWS: Gov. Haley’s Words May Affect Agenda (By Tim Smith)

Wow. Given Haley’s incredibly unproductive 2011 legislative session, that’s awful news for the increasingly unpopular governor as she heads into a make-or-break year in 2012.

Oh …and speaking of Haley’s “agenda,” The (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) Sun News reprinted an op-ed article by Cindi Ross Scoppe of The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper which concluded that Haley’s hypocrisy and inability to tell the truth are killing the reform movement in the Palmetto State.

“For someone who claims to want to drag our horse-and-buggy government into the 21st century, Gov. Nikki Haley sure does seem to be going out of her way to keep it mired in the 19th century,” Scoppe wrote.

Here’s that op-ed:

THE SUN NEWS: Haley Sabotaging Her Own Reforms (By Cindi Ross Scoppe)

Oh, and this website reprinted an op-ed article that appeared in The State by College of Charleston professor Chris Lamb, who chronologically lists several of Haley’s “greatest hits” and wonders how in the hell her approval rating is so … high.

Here’s the original version of that op-ed article:

THE STATE: Haley’s Approval Rating Should Be Even Lower (By Chris Lamb)

More bad news for Haley? As we noted in this story, she’s got the environmentalists jumping down her throat over the “Savannah River Sellout” now – and she’s even managed to position them to her right on a spending issue. Amazing …

Take a look:

POST AND COURIER:  Haley’s ‘Fantastic Deal’ A Loser for S.C.  (By Dana Beach)

Rounding out our recap? A letter to the editor of The (Hilton Head, S.C.) Island Packet by a man named Alex Sineath Jr., who had the audacity to criticize Haley’s “Savannah River Sellout” on her Facebook page.

“On Dec. 2, I posted a lengthy comment on Gov. Nikki Haley’s official Facebook page about the environmental travesty the Lowcountry will suffer because of the decision to allow the dredging of the Savannah River,” Sineath wrote.

Haley’s response to Sineath’s criticism? She deleted his comment and banned him from ever posting on her page again.

Here’s Sineath’s letter:

THE ISLAND PACKET : Haley Doesn’t Tolerate Criticism On Port Deal (By Alex Sineath, Jr.)

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch …

As if it wasn’t plainly evident before, Haley is clearly dropping like a rock. In fact if this keeps up, she’ll soon reach terminal velocity on the way to a one-term administration … assuming voters don’t find a way to recall her first.