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In the pantheon of “First in the South” presidential primary endorsements, U.S. Rep. Tim Scott has one of the most coveted – which isn’t really all that surprising when you stop and think about it.

During his first year in office Scott has managed to maintain a decent fiscal voting record as well as strong relationships with Tea Partiers, independents and establishment “Republicans.”

Obviously the same cannot be said for the SCGOP’s other rising young star, Gov. Nikki Haley … who has struggled to stay scandal-free.

Anyway, while other South Carolina Republicans have pissed away their popularity – or recognized that this less-than-stellar GOP field isn’t worth wasting their popularity on – Scott has amplified the value of his endorsement by hosting a series of presidential town halls with the various GOP contenders.

In fact he hosted one earlier this week with former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Now Scott wants to know who you think he should support … or at least that’s what an advertisement he’s running on FITS would suggest …

Hmmmm … we’re guessing Tim’s ad  meant to say “which GOP candidate” (seeing as there will only be one nominee), but what do you think?

To cast your vote in Tim’s poll (which requires participants to enter an email address), click here. And after you’ve voted, tell us who you backed and why in our comments section …