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It’s not just Republican and Democratic politicians and mainstream media editorials that are bashing S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley these days, conservative blogs are also getting into the act.

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy (a website run by S.C. Policy Council investigative reporter Kevin Dietrich) tore into Haley earlier this week over her administration’s decidedly anti-transparent (and possibly illegal) policy of destroying public records.

“Haley’s track record less than a year into her first year in office has been abysmal, particularly given that she promoted herself as a proponent of transparency and accountability,” Dietrich wrote. “She has been anything but.”

Not only that, Dietrich – a former staffer to ex-S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford – offered evidence to dispute Haley’s claim that she was merely continuing a policy put in place by the former governor.

… when my employer sent an SC Freedom of Information Act request to Sanford’s Office, along with the offices of several other key South Carolina officials in 2009, seeking email correspondence for a story we were writing, Sanford’s office turned over scores of emails between Sanford and staffers, disproving the claim Haley’s office made …

Our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) – who was Sanford’s press secretary from January 2003 to August 2005- confirmed Dietrich’s account. In an email sent to reporters Seanna Adcox (Associated Press), Gina Smith (The State) and Yvonne Wenger, Folks made it plain that no such policy existed during his time in the governor’s office.

“I worked for two-and-a-half years as the press secretary to Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina,” Folks said. “At no point during that time did our office have a policy of deleting emails between staff members. I cannot speak for the policy of the office after August of 2005, but I can assure you that prior to that point no such email deletion policy existed.”

Meanwhile in the Upstate, the conservative blog Sunlit Uplands offered quite a compelling indictment of Haley …

She has attempted to make the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division her personal militia.  She has given high paying jobs to unqualified friends and supporters.  She has used her security detail as cocktail waiters. She has talked about transparency while omitting from her official schedule a national shakedown tour for campaign contributions. She has deleted E-mails that are state property and, under law, should be preserved and turned over to the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.  She vindictively removed the largest contributor to the University of South Carolina from its Board of Trustees.

That’s obviously only a partial recap of Haley’s ever-lengthening list of transgressions, but still …

The bottom line is that these are conservative authors, i.e. people who should be singing the praises of a “Republican” governor and leader of a “Tea Party” movement.

The fact that they’re not is telling …