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So this is Morgan Lynn – a maybe-real, maybe-not real Facebook friend of S.C. Rep. Thad Viers, who is currently running for the newly-drawn seventh congressional district.

Lynn is interested in women (God bless her) and is currently in an open relationship with Morgan Hyatt, another maybe-real, maybe-not Facebook babe who is interested in men and women.

Awesome, right? Absofrigginlutely …

Morgan Hyatt

Why does any of this matter? It doesn’t …

Everybody’s got Facebook friends they can’t explain (including our founding editor), and let’s not forget that Viers – a strip club aficionado and legendary (legislative) cocksman – is single.

Per the counsel of fictitious wedding crasher Jeremy Gray, he should be grabbing that net and catching those beautiful butterflies …

And speaking of weddings, one of Viers’ rivals for the GOP nomination in the seventh district has already come out in favor of open marriages – so it’s not exactly like he’s going to draw criticism because some of his friends engage in open relationships.

We’re bringing these Morgans to your attention for no other reason than they are smokin’ hot – and we’d like to see more of them (again, assuming they exist).

We also just love needling Viers, who has the impulse control of an infant …

Well, that and we’re interested in his thoughts on a specific three-way that took place in 2006 (right around the time he and then-S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley were allegedly knocking boots at a legislative conference in San Francisco).

What sayest thou, Thaddeus Maximus?