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Former Republican S.C. Superintendent of Education candidate Elizabeth Moffly is one of several Charleston County school board members who believes she should be paid for filling her part-time political position.

Well, paid more.

Currently, Charleston school board members receive $25 per meeting. According to the lovely and talented Diette Courrégé of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier, Moffly is supporting a proposal that would pay them $15,000 annually.

“$25 is a joke,” Moffly said, according Courrégé’s report. “I’m just asking to be equitably compensated for the service that I offer.”

Sheesh …

Don’t people run for office to help people? Not to make money?

Oh … right. Not anymore.

According to Courrégé, thirty-one of South Carolina’s 85 school districts do not pay their board members a salary – which is as it should be in our opinion. Horry County, on the other hand, pays its school board members $9,600 annually (and pays its chairman $13,440 annually).

Before getting into whether school board members should be paid or not, can’t we all acknowledge that it’s absolutely ridiculous for our state to have 85 friggin’ school districts? And that it’s particularly ridiculous for Spartanburg County to have seven friggin’ districts?

Seriously … no wonder less than half of the record $11,784 we’re spending per year per student in this state actually makes it to the classroom.

We’ve long recommended that South Carolina lawmakers should consolidate our top-heavy administrative “educracy.” In fact, in our landmark 2008 reform blueprint – the “95 theses” – we proposed that ” South Carolina’s 85 school districts are hereby consolidated into one statewide district which is divided into thirty regional education councils for the purpose of operating individual schools within their (area).”

Assuming state lawmakers took the long overdue step of consolidating our school districts, we might be more open to the notion of members receiving some sort of compensation for their “service.”

Of course we’ve only met one school board member in the entire state who we believe would actually be worth paying …