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This website has made no secret of its affinity for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.


Because he walks the walk … accompanying his limited government rhetoric with several decades of taxpayer protection (as well as specific plans to extricate our nation from its current fiscal hole).

The other “Republicans” running? Not so much …

Anyway, we know that Paul is pretty much second cousin to Uncle Fluffy – and that may of his supporters are fit for straightjackets. And we also know that the Republican Party and the mainstream media will never let a real limited government advocate get the GOP nomination – sort of like they won’t even let New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson compete for it.

Still we gotta love Paul’s commitment to the truth … even if some of his backers put the “over” in “overzealous.”

Take Chris Lawton of Greer, S.C., who tweets under the name NMLifestyles – which we initially thought was one of our founding editor’s swinger friends before Lawton started carpet-bombing our Twitter page with literally dozens of Ron Paul updates.

Seriously … every Tweet homebody sends out has “@FITSNews” attached to it, meaning we’re notified of its arrival and its contents are included in our feed.

Lawton describes himself as an “Entrepreneur, Patriot, Liberty, Freedom, Prosperity,  Constitutionally Conservative, Ron Paul Republican Activist,” which is an interesting mix of nouns and adjectives.

He also runs a company that provides – as near as we can deduce – high-end MREs, or “Meals, Ready to Eat.”

For the bunker-dweller with the discerning palate, if you will.

Thai Coconut Noodles? Tennessee Cornbread? Creamy Tuscan Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes? Lawton’s got you covered …