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jim demint

jim demint

It turns out that one of the most significant endorsements in the 2012 Republican presidential primary isn’t going to be an endorsement after all …

U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) confirmed this week that he will be staying out of the 2012 nominating process and focusing his energies on electing fellow fiscal conservatives to the U.S. Congress instead.

DeMint’s nod would have had seismic repercussions on the presidential race for many reasons. First of all, he’s a national Tea Party hero – a fiscal conservative who has walked the walk and pulled no punches when it comes to holding his fellow “Republicans” accountable for their fiscal failures.

“All the talk of cutting spending after the 2010 elections has been just that: talk,” DeMint wrote in an oped published just this week. “The supposedly game-changing events of the past eleven months haven’t changed much at all.”

In addition to his national prominence, DeMint also happens to be the most popular politician in South Carolina – which holds the “First in the South” presidential primary on January 21, 2012.

DeMint endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2007, although his spokesman recently shot down rumors that he might endorse Romney again in this election (Thank God).

Obviously we don’t blame DeMint for sitting this race out …

The 2012 GOP field is utterly hopeless – littered with demonstrated fiscal sellouts like Romney, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich or social conservative kooks like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.

The only decent candidates either don’t have a prayer or are being deliberately kept out of the limelight.

Nonetheless, this website will be making an endorsement …