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We know S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley lied about her relationship with Bill and Lou Kennedy … the husband-and-wife team behind a company that claims to be bringing 707 high-paying jobs to Lexington County, S.C.

We also know that the specifics of the state’s deal with Nephron Pharmaceuticals are incredibly sketchy … not unlike Nephron itself.

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Most importantly, we know that in late 2009 Nephron tried – and failed – to get one of its drugs placed on the state of South Carolina’s preferred drug list for Medicaid. According to a spokesman at the S.C. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the drug Nephron sought to have placed on the list was a “low-dose Adderrall product for children with pulmonary problems.”

The drug was rejected because the agency’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee – an advisory board made up of physicians and pharmacists – didn’t see a need for it.

This committee meets quarterly and submits recommendations to the agency regarding which drugs should be included on the state’s list. Obviously, it’s then up to the agency (which is part of Haley’s cabinet) to make the final decision.

The DHHS spokesman said that Nephron hasn’t attempted to get this particular drug – or any of its other products – onto the list since Haley’s election.

At least not yet …