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So here’s French actress Berenice Marlohe – who will star opposite Daniel Craig in the new James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Moonrakes Or Octopussies About Views To Royale Solaces Or Licenses To Live And Let Goldfinger … Or Something.

Kidding … the new Bond movie is called Skyfall, and is tentatively set to premiere next October in London.

Marlohe has previously appeared in such films as Père et Maire, Femmes de loi and Equipe médicale d’urgence – all of which we’ve seen (not).

We have seen both of Craig’s previous two Bond flics – Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace – and liked them.

In fact, we think he’s the best Bond since Sean Connery.

In addition to the visual relief provided by Marlohe, Academy Award winning actor Javier Bardem – of No Country For Old Men fame – will play the villain in the new flic.

The previous 22 James Bond movies have made a total of $12.3 billion – adjusted for inflation.

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