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More than any other Palmetto State politician, S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell is directly responsible for accelerating our state’s failed “government-first” approach to job creation.

He’s a principal author of the “Pillars and Pyramids” blueprint for a government-run economy – as well as one of the driving forces behind our state’s recent record-setting budgets. He has aggressively supported the “economic development” efforts of our colleges and universities – including the “Innovista” disaster (a spectacular failure that he later whitewashed).

On the education front, Harrell has presided over the costly failure of South Carolina’s “academic accountability” efforts while continuing to pour billions of additional tax dollars into our state’s failed “one size fits all” public school system – perpetuating what is unquestionably our state’s most anti-competitive characteristic.

Harrell’s “government-first” approach to job creation has been embraced (surprisingly) by “Tea Party” Republican Nikki Haley – who is not only doling out taxpayer-funded incentives like candy, but is also reportedly targeting fiscal conservatives who oppose her efforts as being “anti-business.”

Anyway, as Harrell prepares to draft the S.C. House of Representatives’ 2012 legislative agenda – which we presume will be the latest in a long line of monuments to rhetorical dishonesty and “reform in name only” – he’s actually seeking your input.

Or at least acting like he’s seeking your input …

Specifically, Harrell is calling for South Carolinians to submit their suggestions for the House’s upcoming agenda on his Facebook Page, which you can access by clicking here.

The top five items on our wishlist?

1) Individual Income Tax Relief
2) Universal Parental Choice
3) A Cap on Government Growth (With Surplus Money Rebated To Taxpayers)
4) Comprehensive Government Restructuring
5) Incentives accountability and transparency

Assuming you agree with these sentiments, feel free to copy and paste them directly from this webpage onto Harrell’s Facebook Wall.

After all, we can’t complain about state lawmakers producing another crappy agenda unless we’ve given them some guidance up front.

They’re still going to roll out a bunch of status quo proposals and special interest handouts, but this way they can’t say we didn’t warn them.