Dagny Leonard

Ileana Wachtel


SOUTH CAROLINA, OCTOBER 10, 2011—This week, Americans Elect, a nonpartisan nonprofit founded by citizens from across the political spectrum, will begin gathering signatures of South Carolina registered voters to assure a spot on the ballot for Americans Elect in the 2012 Presidential election.

Through its signature gathering efforts, ballot access success and online delegate participation, Americans Elect is finding unprecedented support across the country for its goal of obtaining ballot access in all 50 states for an alternative presidential ticket.

Americans Elect has already obtained ballot access certification in Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Florida and Michigan. Americans Elect has either completed signature gathering or continues ballot access activities in states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon, Maine, Utah, Tennessee, Rhode Island and Montana. Americans Elect is awaiting ballot access certification in California and Hawaii. Nationwide, nearly 1.8 million signatures have already been collected.

Americans Elect intends to gather 18,000 signatures from South Carolina voters to ensure meeting the state’s 10,000-signature requirement. Americans Elect’s achievements in several other states thus far, including California where Americans Elect gathered over 1.6 million signatures, has set the precedent that it will comfortably achieve ballot access in South Carolina, giving voters there and across the country a viable third ticket on the Presidential ballot in 2012.

“As Americans Elect continues to gain ballot access state by state and region by region, Americans are given a chance to have a real choice on the ballot in all 50 states,” said Elliot Ackerman, Chief Operating Officer of Americans Elect. “We are creating a second nominating process by holding an online presidential convention at, where any registered voter can participate as a delegate, to empower Americans to choose a viable presidential ticket. And, to this end, so far, we’ve seen great success with our ballot access initiative nationwide, and we’ve just gone ahead and done it, got the message out. Do people want more choice in the 2012 election? As we see them coming out in overwhelming numbers, the answer is unequivocally, yes.”

Creating a second nominating process allows the American people a choice beyond the two-party system, offering the American people an open, secure online nominating convention to choose our President.


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