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nikki haley

nikki haley

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is grading state lawmakers … here’s your chance to grade her.

We’ve already weighed in on Haley’s report cards (click here), noting that they could have provided an excellent opportunity to hold “Republican” lawmakers accountable for their corrupt, free-spending ways.

The only problem? Haley’s less-than-ambitious agenda has completely squandered that opportunity … which means she’s completely squandering her opportunity to rescue our state from the consequences of all that corruption and unnecessary government growth.

As we’ve noted on numerous occasions, Haley’s 2011 agenda included no tax relief, no spending cuts, no taxpayer rebate fund, no parental choice … and no real government restructuring.

Maybe that’s why former Democrats like Sen. Larry Martin (and current Democrats like Yancey McGill) were able to earn “A” grades from the governor, along with “Republicans in Name Only” like Senators Ray Cleary, Ronnie Cromer and David Thomas. Hell, even the state’s all-powerful “Godfather of Pork” – former Democrat Hugh Leatherman – received a “B” from Haley.

If that’s a reform agenda … we’ll pass.

Meanwhile the so-called “Tea Party diva” has approved record spending increases and has been at the heart of more scandals than you can shake a dick … err, stick at.

What do you think? If you were assessing Haley on her performances thus far, what grade would you give her? Vote in our poll and then post your thoughts in our comments section below …

UPDATE: WIS-TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C) is also asking its viewers to grade Haley.