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South Carolina taxpayers have shelled out $1.3 million over the last four years to a Maryland-based auditing firm.

According to documents obtained via our “FITSLeaks” program, Maryland-based Clifton-Gunderson received $242,586 in 2008, $255,000 in 2009, $330,000 in 2010 and $519,867.

What did they audit? It’s not immediately clear …

We’ve got calls out to several state agencies in an effort to determine the nuts and bolts of this firm’s work (as well as other expenses associated with our state’s auditing process), but in the meantime we’re publishing the documents as part of our  “FITSLeaks” program, which endeavors to get material that we obtain into the public bloodstream as quickly as possible.

Will some of those documents end up being “duds?” Absolutely.

But others won’t …

Earlier this week, for example, a “FITSLeak” revealed the existence of an oft-denied “quota system” for traffic violations within the S.C. Department of Public Safety (DPS)  – a revelation that’s generated a flood of interest.

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