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Once again, politicians of both parties in Washington, D.C. are bickering at the margins of our nation’s $14.7 trillion deficitĀ  – with a dispute over $3.5 billion in federal funding for emergency management efforts bogging down another “quick fix” budget resolution.

Seriously … is this a joke?

Our government is spending at least $1.3 trillion this year in money that it doesn’t have – making this the fourth consecutive year that deficit spending has topped the $1 trillion mark. In other words, $3.5 billion is the least of the country’s worries.

An even bigger problem? The federal government hasn’t passed a budget in almost 900 days – relying on continuing resolutions that fail to make long-overdue immediate cuts or address the nation’s looming entitlement crisis.

Republicans and Democrats alike just keep kicking the can further down the road … each party equally paralyzed, petrified of the choices that absolutely must be made if this nation is ever to regain anything resembling fiscal sanity (to say nothing of its position in the world).

Back in April, the government came within hours of shutting down prior to approving yet another continuing resolution (one which yielded absolutely zero taxpayer savings). More recently, a so-called “Super Committee” tasked with making a modest ten-year deficit reduction of $1.2 trillion appears to be focusing more on “revenue enhancements” than actual cuts.

Is it any wonder why this nation is so colossally screwed?

Democrats in Washington want to keep spending money we don’t have. So do Republicans. Meanwhile, “conservatives” in Washington haven’t even come close to offering the sort of cuts required to put government back on a sustainable course.

The “mindless growth” ideology of the cancer cell – which first infected the federal government in the 1930s, then grew to dangerous dimensions in the 1960s and finally overtook the nation in the 2000s – is close to claiming its victim.