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For those of you who didn’t know, our website’s founding editor Will Folks – a.k.a. Sic Willie – is writing a book about his ten morally-depraved, alcohol-soaked years in the incestuous, drunken cesspool of South Carolina politics. The book – which is due out sometime next year – will cover his four years as former Gov. Mark Sanford’s press secretary, his 2007 affair with current Gov. Nikki Haley and his rise to infamy as the state’s “King of New Media.”

What a lot of people don’t know is that Folks’ book isn’t going to be some glorified gloss over that seeks to frame his actions in the most flattering light – it’s going to tell the truth, even when those details aren’t flattering (and would, in fact, call into question his credibility).

Case in point?

The (not-so) surprising origin of the book itself – which Folks revealed to a crowded room of College Republicans at the University of South Carolina on Wednesday night.

From The Daily Gamecock:

Folks confirmed he is halfway done with the book, and said it should be published by mid-2012. He said he originally announced his plan to write a book only as a scapegoat when he learned that his hard drive, which he says contained incriminating e-mails between he and the governor, was fried.

“I just told all these reporters ‘Oh yeah I got e-mails, yeah I can prove it, no doubt, just hold on,’” Folks said. “So at that point I realized I had to come up with something quick to say … I figured that would buy me some time, so for four or five months, I didn’t write a (damn) page of the book, because the book was just something to get people off my back.”

He said the book would be accompanied by “another component to the push back,” and said physical evidence for the relationship existed.

Wow. Where to start …

“Buy some time?” “Fried hard drive?”

Who is Sic fooling, here?

But wait … “physical evidence?” What’s this?

Hmmmm …

And what exactly does the phrase “another component to the push back” mean? Well, aside from being an incredibly poor word choice from a guy who pleaded guilty six years ago to shoving his ex-fiance into a piece of furniture (a charge he still denies)?

Does this mean Nikki Haley going to get sued?

While most people no longer care whether the blogger and the increasingly unpopular governor “bumped uglies” four-and-a-half years ago, the fact remains that Haley did promise to step down from her post in the event evidence of their affair emerged – which makes the lingering question relevant.

And what better way to get evidence related to that question out in the open than a lawsuit?

Folks has already published a pair of excerpts from the book (for the juicy one, click here). He’s also released text messages and phone logs – met with witnesses – and signed an affidavit attesting to the veracity of his claims. Haley has denied – but failed to refute – any of Sic’s previous statements. She’s also refused to sign an affidavit and invoked an exemption to keep her taxpayer-funded correspondence hidden from public view.

The governor’s book, incidentally, is scheduled to come out early next year …

“She’s going to smile and smile and be a villain,” Sic said. “I’m going to tell the truth … even in those instances when it makes me out to be the villain.”