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A spokesman for embattled S.C. Department of Public Safety (DPS) interim director Kenny Lancaster is likely to be suspended pending an investigation into allegations that he physically assaulted a member of the media – the latest drama associated with the ongoing “Sex, Lies and Tropers” scandal.

The allegations against veteran SCDPS spokesman Sid Gaulden were first reported here on FITS a week ago.

According to an incident report we obtained, Gaulden is alleged to have “shoved (WIS TV 10 reporter Jody Barr) in the chest with a microphone/ recorder and “blocked (Barr) from getting to his car.”

The report also indicates that Barr captured the entire incident on video.

Take a look …

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Barr has been following up on a series of exclusive reports published by FITS last month related to alleged misconduct by Lancaster – an appointee of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – and Shannon Branham, Haley’s former head of security.

As a result of those efforts, he has been blackballed by the administration.

As we reported last month, Branham was removed as Haley’s security chief due to an affair she’s allegedly been having with Lancaster. Adding intrigue to the saga is the fact that Branham’s husband – Highway Patrol Lt. Ken Branham – is a subordinate of Lancaster’s at DPS. In recent months, Branham and Lancaster have been busted exchanging hundreds of phone calls – including numerous lengthy late-night conversations (like those exchanged back in 2007 between Haley and Will Folks, this website’s founding editor).

In addition to the Branham scandal – Lancaster is also being investigated by the S.C. Attorney General’s office over another alleged affair with the wife of a former State Trooper, Gene Rowell (another story that broke exclusively here on FITS).

Haley has stood behind Lancaster – claiming that she didn’t know about the allegations when she tapped him to lead the agency (but adding that she would have appointed him to the role even if she had known).

Haley has also made it clear that she’s not ruling out Lancaster as a candidate to run the agency on a more permanent basis.