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mick mulvaney

mick mulvaney

For Immediate Release

Rock Hill, SC – U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney today released the following statement on the most recent report from the Labor Department, which showed unemployment stuck at 9.1% with no job growth:

“Once again, we’ve received a poor jobs report with little hope for improvement any time soon. Once again, we’ve seen the ill effects of bigger government, more spending, and increased regulation.

“Just days before President Obama gives yet another prime-time speech, folks are left to wonder if we will ever see an actual jobs plan out of this White House. Action, for once, instead of just words.

“But, though I expect a reworded appeal for more borrowing and more ‘stimulus,’ I’m hopeful that the president will recognize that when the government spends less, businesses spend more. And that it will take more spending from businesses, not the government, to put people back to work.”


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