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The thing we love most about Mande Wilkes? It’s like looking into a mirror … and finding a much sexier reflection.

Seriously, she’s like the female version of our founding editor – an intelligent, unfiltered political presence who effortlessly integrates sex and substance into a delightfully arousing and provocative mix.

Another “Sic Willie-esque” club in her bag?

Cattiness …

In a post on her website Thursday, Wilkes explores why “pretty political women” like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin always seem to be bumping up against the so-called glass ceiling.


“Men don’t realize that other men are much more dismissive of pretty women than are women themselves,” Wilkes writes, adding that “maybe the reason men are so certain of a nonexistent female bias is because men themselves secretly harbor a distaste for pretty women in politics.”

Okay … we sort of follow.

Ready for the “catty?”

“Nikki Haley, on the other hand? Well, let’s just say that she doesn’t have to worry about the proverbial pretty girl glass ceiling,” Wilkes wrote.


Later, Wilkes tweeted to ex-Haley lover Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) that her column was “an implicit indictment of your taste in women.”

Um … double-ouch.

Wilkes and Haley do have history. Specifically, Haley – who just this week spoke passionately about the need for more women to run for office in South Carolina – pledged to back Wilkes in her 2010 S.C. House race against incumbent Nelson Hardwick (RINO-Myrtle Beach).

Of course like so many of Haley’s promises, that one turned out to be totally bogus, too.

Obviously, Haley isn’t the most attractive woman that our founding editor has had the pleasure of bedding (remember: he indulged his reporter fetish for an extended time, prior to making a legendary run through the State House lobby while serving as press secretary to former Gov. Mark Sanford).

Also let’s face it … Sic married way above his head (ba DAM, people).

But the fact that Haley probably doesn’t scratch our all-time top fifty list (at least not in the looks department) doesn’t mean she fell off the ugly tree, either. Sic’s list (like other things connected to him) is long and distinguished. And it certainly doesn’t mean she’s bad in bed (in fact, you can find out exactly where she ranks on Sic Willie’s all-time list when he publishes his highly-anticipated tome sometime next year).

Speaking of books? Wilkes recently

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