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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in the news again … and yeah, you can pretty much take it to the bank that he’s putting his foot in his mouth (or perhaps that camel’s mouth).

Biden, who is currently touring Asia (because that’s what Vice Presidents do) said Monday that U.S. President Barack Obama could still win reelection in spite of America’s chronically-high unemployment rate.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Biden said that U.S. voters understood that Democrats “inherited a God-awful circumstance that wasn’t our responsibility.”

“That doesn’t in any way diminish the genuine suffering of a hell of a lot of Americans. But I think everything gets down to a choice,” Biden said.

Biden is reprising (or attempting to reprise) Obama’s new “blame Congress” strategy … which appears to be the only club in the president’s bag these days. That strategy centers around convincing a majority of Americas that Republicans in Congress – who have controlled the U.S. House for eight months and who have caved to Obama in virtually every spending fight – are someone to blame for our economic malaise.

“I don’t think people are ready to say, ‘Okay, I’m unhappy with the direction now, I’m just switching …” Biden told the Times. “They got a piece of that when they voted in ’10. And they didn’t like what they got just switching.”

Is this guy for real?

Let’s not forget that last March, Biden predicted that America would enjoy a “Summer of Recovery” in 2010 that would include the creation of “between 250,000 jobs a month and 500,000 jobs a month” as a result of Obama’s policies.

Now that those gains failed to materialize … it’s suddenly the former administration’s fault again?

Please …

Also, let’s not forget that Obama and Biden were both aggressive supporters of former president George W. Bush’s “stimulus” efforts – before they decided to put that same failed approach on steroids.

In passing his own “stimulus,” Obama’s administration pledged that the legislation would keep America’s unemployment rate below 8 percent. Unfortunately, that rate has remained above 8 percent for the last thirty months (and above 9 percent for 25 of the last 30 months).

Obama and Biden may think that they can talk their way out of that disconnect (and we suspect the nation’s mainstream media will do its best to assist them in those efforts), but our guess is that voters aren’t going to be fooled.

As we noted last week, this is Obama’s economy now whether he wants to accept responsibility for it or not.