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South Carolina Democrats are preparing to launch a major media offensive aimed at exposing the high salaries of GOP operatives in state government – as well as the thin qualifications these government employees presented when applying for their taxpayer-funded positions.

At a time when increasing numbers of South Carolinians are struggling to find work, Democrats are hoping to draw attention to the generous government paychecks being collected by Republican campaign staffers in the wake of the 2010 elections.

“Its amazing these folks sleep at night,” said S.C. Rep. Boyd Brown (D-Winnsboro), a lawmaker familiar with the project. “All of these clowns get elected on good government platforms, then the first thing they do is hire some flunkie at $70,000 a year and stick the working South Carolinian with the bill.”

It won’t be the first time Republican elected officials have been hit by such criticism.

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley created a firestorm on her first full day in office when she handed out massive salary increases for her senior staff – which included several former campaign workers. Also, one of Haley’s cabinet agencies hired her former campaign manager’s wife to a $50,000 a year
part-time” position.

More recently, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson granted one of his political hires an extended leave of absence to work on a Republican presidential campaign – begging the question of just how necessary the position was to begin with.

A project of the recently-rejuvenated S.C. Democratic Party, the GOP salary and resume information will reportedly be released this week.