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nikki haley

We believe strongly that S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s report cards for South Carolina legislators are a good thing … or at least they could have been a good thing had the governor offered a real reform agenda on which to grade our fiscally liberal state lawmakers.

Unfortunately, she didn’t do that.

Haley’s agenda offered no tax relief, no spending cuts, no taxpayer rebate fund, no parental choice … and no real government restructuring.

She proposed several “reforms in name only,” but these watered-down proposals were more about scoring political wins than they were helping taxpayers.  The sad truth is that Haley never offered anything resembling the sort of fiscally conservative, free market reforms that South Carolina desperately needs if it ever wants to move forward (not backward) economically.

Pretty weak considering Haley is viewed on the national stage as a “Tea Party darling.”

Making matters worse, Haley perpetuated our state’s failed top-down approach by signing off on the largest budget in South Carolina history (and yet just six weeks after this budget went into effect she was forced to beg Washington, D.C. for a bailout to pay road contractors).

Anyway, while Haley is getting her report card from the people of South Carolina (here, here and here), she has yet to publish her legislative report cards.

Of course that’s not stopping her from shilling for a new Congressional report card that’s being compiled by the Heritage Foundation (a scorecard that we suspect will be about as legitimate as Grover Norquist’s “No New Taxes” pledge).

“It is time our elected officials remember they work for the people and not the other way around,” Haley says in a promotional video for Heritage Action, the political wing of the conservative think tank. “So let’s support those who do a great job. Let’s hold their hand to the fire for those that don’t.”

That’s good advice … it’s a shame Haley isn’t following it. It’s also a shame she’s squandering what could have been an effective tool for holding our state’s free-spending S.C. General Assembly in check.