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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley all but endorsed State Rep. Thad Viers’ bid for the seventh U.S. congressional district over the weekend, sending beaucoup love to her former colleague (and rumored ex-lover).

“I see someone in the room that I want to recognize, one because he was a fighter with me on on-the-record voting but two because he’s also running for Congress,” Haley said at an event in Charleston, S.C.

Haley went on to call Viers “a good conservative, a strong fighter, somebody you should definitely pay attention to.”

Wow …

“We’ve got one of the best federal delegations in the county, Thad would make a great addition to that,” Haley continued.

Um, yeah …

Momentarily putting aside the fact that Haley’s conservative credentials are in the toilet these days (along with her approval rating), this has to be one of the most bizarre endorsements we’ve ever heard a sitting governor make. Seriously, Viers is literally the S.C. Democratic Party’s dream candidate for this district … and he’s getting this sort of praise from Haley?

What the hell?

Unless, of course (perish the thought), Viers has some sort of leverage when it comes to the governor …

Look, Viers is a decent enough guy with a better-than-average fiscal record. He’s certainly preferable to Rep. Alan Clemmons (RINO-Myrtle Beach), one of the other state lawmakers who is likely to jump into this race.

But that’s not exactly a compliment. And Viers’ voting record isn’t his problem … it’s when he gets “under the influence of love.”

In June 2007, Viers pleaded no contest (and was fined $500) for threatening the life of his estranged wife’s lover. The audio recordings from that case have become the stuff of Palmetto political legend – including a reported reference to necrophiliac skullf*cking – and we’re told that the public is likely to hear them in the unlikely event Viers’ candidacy gains any real traction.

Also (and here’s where the rumored leverage comes in), according to numerous lobbyists Haley and Viers had a romantic rendezvous at a 2006 American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) conference in San Francisco, California. Both were married at the time.

Viers provided FITS with a “non-denial denial” of the allegations through a third party – and also threatened to sue our founding editor if FITS ever wrote another word about the alleged affair.

Obviously, we’ve written several additional words since then …

“The ONLY possible explanation for a sitting governor endorsing Thad Viers is if she banged him,” Sic Willie wrote on his Twitter page Monday.