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Governor Rick Perry to announce candidacy for President Saturday in Charleston

Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to announce that he is in the race for president. The 2011 Red State Gathering will take place with events Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Charleston, SC. Perry will be a featured speaker Saturday at the annual gathering.

With Perry’s strong record on job creation and many other conservative issues, he is expected to immediately change the course of the Republican Primary.

“Our country needs a president that will reverse the course that President Obama has set,” said Preston Baines, Chairman of South Carolinians for Rick Perry. “Governor Perry has a proven record of low taxes, fiscal responsibility, job creation, strong family values, defending the constitution, protecting second amendment rights and protecting the unborn. Rick Perry is also a proven winner. He offers a direct contrast to the record of Barack Obama.”

Perry, governor of Texas since 2001, has a strong case to make on jobs. Under his leadership, Texas has produced 37% of jobs in the United States. Perry also led on pro-life issues, signing the first-in-the-nation parental notification law.

Last week, Perry hosted “The Response: a call to prayer in a nation of crisis.” While some liberal advocacy groups attacked the show of fellowship, other South Carolinians are excited that somebody with those values has stepped up to the plate.

Stacey Clampitt, an owner and National Sales Manager of a local consumer agency from Lexington, said “I have been praying for a strong leader to step forward, and Rick Perry has answered those prayers.” Clampitt added that “it’s great that somebody has stepped up to run that has walked the walk.”

In a Republican field that is not short of candidates, many of the activists that have played wait-and-see are now set to go all in.

“There are several leaders across the country that would make a great president, including our own Sen. Jim DeMint. Those leaders have chosen not to run. With Governor Perry in the race, that void has been filled,” said Jeff Betsch, Co-Chairman of South Carolinians for Rick Perry. “We’re hearing from South Carolinians from every corner of the state that are excited and ready to help Rick Perry win our country’s most important primary.”

Jordan Cooper, Chairman of South Carolina Students for Rick Perry, thinks Perry is the best choice because he “would be the true conservative in the race, with the best record in the nation on job creation. Young folks around the state are ready to go to work to elect the conservative that will undue the disaster that is Barack Obama.” Cooper continued, “We’ve got to have a future when we finish school, right now many of us don’t have one. I know Rick Perry is the one that will restore confidence in our nation.”

Based on his record, Baines considers Perry a strong contender to win the South Carolina Primary.

“Not only do we know that Governor Perry is what is best for our country, but he is a natural fit for South Carolina. With hard work from hundreds of grassroots volunteers across the state, Rick Perry’s across-the-line conservative approach to government will result in victory in our first-in-the-south primary.”

*South Carolinians for Rick Perry is a grassroots organization affiliated with with Americans for Rick Perry. No comments in this release are directly attributed to Rick Perry or his staff.

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