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We haven’t figured out what to make of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s candidacy yet. And no, we’re not referring to her kooky Newsweek cover – and whether or not that’s diminished our founding editor’s desire to get missionary (and possibly other positions) with her.

No … we’re referring to her policy positions, which at the end of the day are what move us (although shoe selection is a close second).

Anyway, during the recent debate over the U.S. debt limit – which ended in a status quo deal that did nothing to substantively slow the rampant growth of the federal government – Bachmann held her ground. Like U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, she said from the very beginning of the debate that she opposed any increase in the debt ceiling – and that’s exactly how she voted.

Now, as the vast majority of 2012 Republican candidates ignore the nation’s looming entitlement disaster – Bachmann is grabbing the “third rail” of politics with both hands.

“We will reform the entitlement programs now, not five years from now, not 26 years from now … now,” Bachmann said while taping an edition of Bloomberg Television’s ‘Political Capital With Al Hunt’ (set to air this weekend). “Anyone who is not yet on those programs, we are going to change them.”

Good for her.

Obviously, suggesting even minor amendments to entitlement behemoths like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security has been the equivalent of political suicide in recent years. The fact that we are now in a political (and media) climate in which Bachmann can make these comments without getting shot is obviously a welcome development – but we’re still nowhere near getting common sense reforms through Congress.

We will await the specifics of Bachmann’s plan – along with any non-entitlement cuts she may recommend – while urging other 2012 GOP candidates to follow her lead.