S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley made history last November when the people of the Palmetto state elected her as their first minority governor … or did they?

Obviously there’s no denying that Haley won the election (albeit by a much slimmer margin than anyone anticipated), but is she really a minority? Despite what she’s said in numerous national media interviews, Haley views herself as “white” when it comes to filling out government documents.

Haley’s voter registration card – which she applied for in March of 2001 – indicates that she identified herself as “white.”

Take a look …

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Obviously, that’s inconsistent with Haley’s oft-repeated descriptions of growing up as a minority in a small town in rural South Carolina – stories she has told on numerous occasions to an enraptured national press corps.

It’s also inconsistent with what Haley’s parents put down on their voter identification cards. Haley’s father, Ajit S. Randhawa, listed himself as an “Asian” on his voter registration card while Haley’s mother checked the box labeled “other.”

Haley’s “guru” sister, Simran Singh, also identified herself as “Asian.”

The Randhawas immigrated to South Carolina from the Punjab region of India in the early 1970s.

FITS has a call into the S.C. Department of Public Safety, which reportedly has a record of Haley’s voter registration application. We’re also contacting the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles in an effort to obtain a copy of Haley’s South Carolina driver’s license.

Stay tuned …