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Date: July 22, 2011
Sean Smith
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Rep. Tim Scott Statement on Senate Blocking Cut, Cap, and Balance

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tim Scott (SC-01) issued the following statement this morning regarding the U.S. Senate’s use of a procedural maneuver to halt debate on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act:

“I sincerely hope Senator Reid takes a step back and realizes the importance of allowing an up or down vote on Cut, Cap, and Balance. The entire point of serving in Congress is to vote on important legislation and take responsibility for our country’s future. This is the best plan for controlling our spending, and ensuring it stays under control in the future. And quite frankly, right now it is the only solution on the table.

It is a puzzle to me why folks in Washington don’t understand how important it is that we take decisive action NOW to cut and cap spending and work to have a balanced budget. The American people have spoken, as recent polls show two-thirds – 66 percent – are behind Cut, Cap, and Balance. It is time for the Senate to move. Our country has waited long enough.”


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