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U.S. President Barack Obama was chastised by the S.C. Republican Party on Monday for his ongoing avoidance of the Palmetto state – one of ten states he has yet to visit as president.

The other nine states?

Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont.

“When President Obama travels on business, politics isn’t far behind,” SCGOP executive director Matt Moore said, referring to a new USA Today report which shows that the vast majority of Obama’s travel is tied to his reelection effort.

Two months ago, Obama’s top South Carolina operative wrote of how “critical” the Palmetto state would be in the upcoming election. In fact, field representative Byron Wellman actually said South Carolina was a “swing state,” a view that drew more than its fair share of laughs.

“South Carolina was a critical state in 2008, and it’s shaping up to be one again this time around,” Wellman wrote. “Not only are we an early state, we’re a swing state too, and since the launch of the 2012 campaign folks here have been very excited and very, very busy.”

Hmmmmm-kay. We’ll chalk that assessment up to the audacity of hope …

Last time we checked, one of the state’s prominent liberal columnists was actually urging Obama not to visit South Carolina because such a trip might put his life in danger. In a column last December, author Will Moredock advised Obama to stay away from Charleston, S.C. during a recent War Between The States sesquicentennial celebration- arguing that assassinating Obama would take only “one misguided person with a gun.”

“I suspect there are many misguided people in Charleston and in South Carolina. I know there are many guns,” Moredock added.

Obama took Moredock up on his advice and declined an invitation to attend the sesquicentennial events.

Pic: via Daylife