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Sure he’s had his share of domestic run-ins (who hasn’t, right?) but Sean Bean is this week’s resident bad ass after getting stabbed defending the honor of 22-year-old topless model April Summers.

The 52-year-old British actor – best-known for his roles in Lord of the Rings, National Treasure, GoldenEye and Patriot Games – chased down a passerby on a London Street after the unidentified individual muttered some offending comments.

During a subsequent altercation that occurred outside of his regular pub, Bean was stabbed in the arm by the assailant with a piece of broken glass. Rather than receive treatment for his injuries, Bean went back into the pub and ordered another drink.

Bean has been married four times – most recently to actress Georgina Sutcliffe.

Police were called to Bean and Sutcliffe’s residence on several occasions to investigate “domestic disturbances.” In 2006, the two reportedly had a major brawl at a hotel room in Los Angeles.

Word to the wise … it’s gonna take more than a piece of broken glass to slow this dude down.

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