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“The Good Lord giveth … and the Good Lord taketh away.”

Sorry … that was just our attempt to be understood by the Bible thumpers in Greenville, S.C., -where the yin and yang of global competitiveness came fast and furious this week.

On Wednesday, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley traveled to Greenville to announce that CertusBank was bringing 350 new jobs to a new downtown development.

That’s good news, right? Well, that depends on the incentives that the company was offered … which we won’t know the details of for some time.

On Thursday, however, aerospace manufacturer Lockheed Marin announced that it would be laying off 300 employees at a Greenville aircraft maintenance facility after it failed to win a government contract. Those layoffs will begin next month.

Obviously that’s bad news … unless of course you think the U.S. Navy should still be flying P-3 Orions. We’re not sold on that notion, but the good people of Texas will be the ones benefiting from the Navy’s largesse.

Oh … ready for some irony? The Lockheed official who made the announcement is none other than B.J. Boling – a former Haley communications advisor.