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Has FITS become one of your daily destinations for political news and commentary?

We hope so … and judging by the steady increases in traffic we’ve seen over the last few years, it has.

What started five years ago as an insider political blog has morphed into a unique new media hybrid – one that drives the political debate in this state while serving as the conscience of South Carolina’s fiscal conservative movement. In the process, we’ve buried our competition in the blogosphere and begun to compete directly with the state’s legacy media.

We’re proud of that evolution … obviously … but we’re also acutely aware of how tricky the next step will be (and how many enemies we’ve made up to this point).

That’s why we’re striking while the iron is hot …

For example, we’ll be rolling out new mobile-friendly versions of FITS in the coming months (in fact, the Android app is already up and running). Meanwhile, we’re simultaneously striving to expand our daily content offerings while adding new voices to the mix. On the business side of things, we’ve entered into several new advertising partnerships and are working with a new financial advisor to further “monetize” the website.

Which brings us to the point of this post …

FITS is (and will always be) 100 percent free. Other media sites have gone to subscription models – or required their readers to pay for “premium content,” but that’s just not our bag. Seriously … if it ever gets to that point, we’ll find something else to do.

But we’re clearly not above asking for money. In fact, on every page of the site we’ve placed red “Donate” buttons like this one …

If you click on one of these buttons, it’ll take you to our “Donate” page (i.e. here). Once there, you can choose to help us out by giving either a one-time contribution or signing up for a monthly donation.

We’re asking our loyal readers to donate $5.00 a month, but obviously we’ll take whatever you’re willing to give.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help FITS “keep on keepin’ on ..”

Thanks to all of you who have made FITS the Palmetto state’s most widely-read new media outlet … and thanks to those of you who are willing to help us out as we dream big dreams for the future.