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In a sop to local bureaucrats hell-bent on raising revenue by ripping off passing motorists, S.C. Rep. Andy Patrick is holding up a bill that would ban the use of automated speed cameras on South Carolina roads.

Patrick is claiming to support the ban, but he also told The (Hilton Head) Island Packet that he “would like to see the technology deployed through the S.C. Highway Patrol.”


As we revealed over a year ago, the town of Ridgeland S.C. recently decided to boost its budget by ripping off motorists on Interstate 95 – issuing thousands of speeding tickets using these automated “traffic scameras.”

As we’ve said repeatedly, these automated tickets are an infringement on civil liberty and an obvious invasion of privacy. And yet despite the town being in possession of not one, but two S.C. Attorney General opinions clearly stating that any citations they issued would be invalid, its leaders decided to move forward with this plan anyway.

Not surprisingly, Ridgeland is now facing a class action lawsuit.

Patrick needs to stand down. In fact, he needs to generally take his head out of his ass and remember who got him elected.

FITS has spoken with several fiscal conservatives in Beaufort who are extremely disappointed with his performance in Columbia – starting with his vote to reelect fiscal liberal Bobby Harrell as Speaker of the House.

“This guy went from being a reformer to a Columbia insider the minute after the votes were counted,” one Beaufort Republican told FITS.

Indeed. And now he wants to take Ridgeland’s invasive government money-making scam statewide.

That’s pathetic. In fact, based on Patrick’s voting record and demonstrated big government ideological mooring, we’ll take RINO Richard Chalk back.

But that’s not the point of this article … the point of this article is that the S.C. House of Representatives needs to pass the ban on these “scameras” that passed the State Senate earlier this year.

And that means Patrick needs to …