S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley will sign legislation Wednesday requiring Palmetto state residents to bring a valid photo ID to the polls if they expect to vote.

Oh … and for those of you South Carolinians who don’t have a valid photo ID, the legislation will obligate taxpayers to shell out nearly $1 million up front to provide you with one. Then there’s also a recurring annual cost of $100,000 associated with the bill.

Pushed for the last two years by the S.C. Republican Party, the purpose of this legislation is simple – to suppress minority turnout and thereby expand the GOP’s electoral advantage in South Carolina. Of course to hear these “Republicans” tell it, the bill is all about suppressing voter fraud in our state – a nonexistent menace on par with the imaginary threat of sharia law.

Like a broken record, though, “Republicans” have rattled off a list of everyday things that require a photo ID – like buying Sudafed – and made the logical assumption that the state should require a photo ID for persons wishing to participate in the democratic process.

Whatever. We don’t really care …. unlike the estimated178,000 people that this bill would impact we’ve got photo IDs in the rare event this state ever produces a candidate deserving of our votes.

Just don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that this bill actually rectifies a problem … or that its real aim of electing more “Republicans” is somehow a worthwhile objective.

Because we’re calling bullsh*t on both counts.

Amazingly, this totally inconsequential bill represents the second major piece of legislation passed by the “Republican-controlled” S.C. General Assembly this year (after Haley’s roll call voting legislation).

Meanwhile, lawmakers have failed to provide comprehensive tax relief. They have failed to pass a spending cap with a rebate mechanism. They have failed to provide more choices for parents – orĀ  enact any other long over-due education reforms. They have failed to pass tort reform. They have failed to fix the flawed “point-of-sale” tax. They have also failed to restructure state government in a way that will provide maximum efficiency and accountability to taxpayers.

What have they done?

That’s easy – they’ve proposed spending a record amount of money on an ass-backward state government that continues to serve as the national model for ineffectiveness and dysfunction.

Listen, people. South Carolina has very real problems that require specific, market-based solutions. We don’t need to be creating imaginary problems that can only be solved by transparently partisan legislation which is exclusively intended to disenfranchise people.

Speaking of which, we have no doubt that this legislation is going to incur another cost – the taxpayer money that will be required to defend it from a likely lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department.

Anyway, congratulations S.C. Republicans … you’ve passed another example of “Reform in Name Only” while the state’s real problems continue to go unaddressed.