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South Carolina pro-life supporters are livid after they were invited to – and then excluded from – a press conference regarding the Palmetto state’s budget on Tuesday.

According to multiple sources who participated in the organization of the State House press conference, S.C. Policy Council President Ashley Landess agreed to let several pro-life leaders speak at the event – which was held under the banner of her think tank.

This concession, we’re told, was necessary to ensure the participation of certain elected officials at the event.

In fact, S.C. Sen. Lee Bright was in the process of introducing one of these speakers – S.C. Citizens for Life leader Holly Gatling – before Landess literally “stepped in” and prevented her from speaking.

In fact, here’s a video of Landess blocking Gatling as she attempted to approach the podium (the “confrontation” begins at the 1:24 mark) …

Look … we’ve made no secret of our disdain for the social conservative movement in this state – which we believe it is infested with sanctimonious hypocrites.

And while we strongly oppose abortion (on the grounds that the right to life is the most important liberty of them all), we think it’s ridiculous how Republicans trot this issue out at the state level each year when they ought to be focusing their efforts on tax, spending and education reforms that fall under their immediate jurisdiction.

Also, we’re frankly sick and tired of social conservatives giving fiscally liberal lawmakers a hall pass just because they’re “pro-life.”

Still, if pro-lifers are going to stand and be counted on behalf of a more fiscally responsible state budget, then at the very least we probably ought to listen to what they have to say … particularly if they were invited to an event for that very purpose.