Don’t call it a comeback …

Contrary to the public pronouncements of top S.C. lawmakers – including S.C. Rep. Alan Clemmons (RINO-Myrtle Beach)  – S.C. Rep. David Mack (D-Charleston) is very much still kickin’ it.

The Lowcountry lawmaker – who has served in the House since 1997 – was reportedly involved in a car crash in downtown Columbia, S.C. on Wednesday evening. Here at FITS, we received numerous reports of the accident- and had actually prepared a report in anticipation of receiving official confirmation.

Several sources even told us that Mack was dead.

Shortly thereafter, word came that Mack was just fine thank you very much – with reporter Gina Smith of The State newspaper calling the lawmaker’s wife and confirming that he had not been involved in a car crash. Meanwhile, a State House lobbyist Tweeted that he had spoken with Mack directly, who was confirming his wife’s account.

On Thursday morning, FITS received official confirmation from a House Democratic spokesman that Mack was indeed not involved in a car crash.

How do these things get started?

Who knows …

For Mack’s sake (and the sake of his family), we’re just glad that we didn’t have to write another less-than-complimentary obituary.

In fact …