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nikki haley | curtis loftis

nikki haley | curtis loftis

The latest installment of the ongoing spat between S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley and State Treasurer Curtis Loftis played out on the steps of the State Capitol … and thereabouts … on Monday morning.

Haley and Loftis were both featured speakers at a poorly-attended Tea Party rally in Columbia, S.C. – but it was the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that had Palmetto politicos buzzing.

What happened?

Well, Haley is said to have made use of her bully pulpit in a most passive-aggressive manner at the event. Specifically, sources tell FITS that after Haley finished her speech, she scheduled a rare media availability … one that was deliberately timed to coincide with Loftis’ speech.

Obviously, Haley’s objective was to pull reporters away from Loftis’ address … and from what we’re told, the plan worked like a charm.

Why would Haley do that?

Well, Loftis has been touted as a possible challenger to Haley in a Republican gubernatorial primary in 2014 – and he’s done absolutely nothing whatsoever to dampen that speculation. As a result, Haley is obviously looking to do anything within her power to deprive him of media attention.

As old schoolers, we credit Haley for a shrewd move that deprived her would-be rival of some valuable oxygen on this particular day – however in doing so she may have telegraphed her fear of Loftis in a manner that does more harm than good for her in the long-run.


Haley won this battle, but she likely gave up some ground in the larger war.

UPDATE: Wanna hear what Loftis said? Here’s a recap of his remarks from reporter Corey Hutchins of The Free Times.