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Democrats in the S.C. House of Representatives are celebrating their role in the election of S.C. Rep. Brian White (RINO-Anderson) as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means committee.

White defeated fellow RINO Kenny Bingham of Lexington, S.C. on Wednesday in a private poll of “GOP” members of the Ways and Means committee – although sources tell FITS that the “Republican” vote was rife with corruption and heavily-influenced by Democrats.

In fact, Democrats were crowing late Wednesday that they had effectively chosen White for this key leadership position – which gives him a seat on the powerful S.C. Budget and Control Board and the first stab at drafting the state budget each year.

“Congratulations to the Democratic members on the House Ways and Means Committee for sticking together to effectively choose the committee’s next chairman, Rep. Brian White from Anderson, S.C.,” a press release from the Richland County Democratic Party stated.

“Although Majority Leader Kenny Bingham of Lexington has gotten more Republican commitments, Minority Leader Harry Ott secured enough Democratic votes for Rep. White to make him the next chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee,” the release continued. “This was a strategic use of minority party power and is representative of the type of muscle House Democrats can flex when they band together.”

Ways and Means sources from both parties tell FITS that prior to the “GOP” vote, a poll of the full committee (i.e. Democrats and Republicans) was taken at the request of Speaker Bobby Harrell. The results of that tally – which included votes from outgoing Chairman Danny Cooper (RINO-Anderson) and critically-ill S.C. Rep. David Umphlett (RINO-Berkeley) – gave White a narrow 13-12 margin, including six of the committee’s eight Democratic votes.

Faced with the reality that White had the votes to prevail (thanks to his Democratic support and the support of a RINO rumored to be on his deathbed), the deal-making on the GOP side began in earnest.

When the favor-trading was finished, three “Republican” votes flipped – giving White a narrow margin of victory in the “GOP” tally.

So … who was promised what in exchange for their vote?

Stay tuned … but needless to say the favors were flowing like oil …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography