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Unlike the liberal “lamestream” media, we’ve written extensively here at FITS about the record amounts of funding being dumped into our state’s worst-in-the-nation public school system … and the chronic academic failure this system continues to produce.

It’s tragic, but South Carolina wouldn’t be South Carolina if its lawmakers weren’t dumping gobs of new money (your money) into the same old failed solutions.

Anyway, last week we posted a story about the public union educrats who profit from that money – while they produce nothing but incremental gains among white students and relegating yet another generation of black students to second-class status.

Riffing off of that post, our friends over at The Voice have published this video from South Carolinians for Responsible Government, one of the groups that’s pushing for real education reform:

“They go by the names SCEA, SCASA and SCSBA,” The Voice notes. “They are, functionally speaking, public sector unions. They have close and formal ties to controversial national labor organizations and the SCEA even describes it self as the state’s NEA ‘affiliate.'”

(To read The Voice’s post, click here).

“For years they siphoned huge sums of money away from public school classrooms; money that is spent on formal lobbying, political contributions, campaigning, and media spin,” The Voice continues. “They’ve consistently misinformed both lawmakers and the public about public school spending and student performance. They’ve fought education reform tooth and nail.”

True that …

The NEA is represented in the Palmetto state by the liberal South Carolina Education Association (SCEA) – which along with the S.C. School Boards Association and S.C. Association of School Administrators has successfully blocked parental choice legislation over the past six years while securing record amounts of funding for a failed public education system that spends more than 55 cents of every dollar it receives on non-classroom expenses.

As we said last week, “we cannot allow this self-serving system to continue perpetuating failure at an increasingly higher cost to the taxpayer. It is past time that South Carolina leaders stopped listening to liberal unions who claim to be ‘for the children’ and start listening to individual parents …”