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Who is South Carolina’s “Biggest (Political) Loser?”

In their first few weeks in office, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley and Lt. Gov. Ken Ard both appear to be doing everything within their power to claim this not-so-coveted “distinction” for themselves.

Ard has been in office less than sixty days is already facing more than 100 ethics violations … meanwhile his chief of staff is at the center of what could wind up being the largest campaign finance scandal in state history.

Haley? She’s made a mockery of government transparency (the issue that got her elected in spite of herself) and was cold busted lying last week about a 2008 job application … the latest lie associated with her stormy tenure at Lexington Medical Center.

While this is one poll that clearly deserves a “both” button, sadly you can only select one “biggest loser.”

So vote … and then post your thoughts in our comments section below …