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carl the groundskeeper

We promise to (try and) stop beating this dead horse next week, but until then here is a list of the top ten rumored identity thieves in the case of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s “phantom” job application …

Be sure to vote for your favorite (and add new suspects) in our comments section!

10. Gophers from Caddyshack
9. Mr. Green with the revolver in the lounge …
8. The cornfield from Field of Dreams
7. Aliens from Independence Day
6. The Bermuda Triangle
5. Scotty from Star Trek (a mistaken beaming?)
4. “Obama liberals in our own back yard”
3. “Tabloid journalists” at WACH-TV
2. Evil trial lawyers …
1. Jakie Knotts!

Have a great weekend, everybody …