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Forget passing a tax cut, giving parents real choices or restructuring our state’s splintered and dysfunctional system of government … lawmakers in South Carolina have other “bright ideas” about how to spend the 2011 session.

According to the Associated Press, S.C. Rep. Bill Sandifer (RINO-Oconee) and 27 of his fellow House members are pushing a law that would make the Palmetto state a safe haven for incandescent (a.k.a. old) light bulbs.

Thanks to a 2007 federal law signed by former President George W. Bush, incandescent light bulbs will be replaced by fluorescent bulbs beginning in 2012 – a mandate that has evidently aroused the passions of this sleeping RINO. In an effort to show the big, bad federal government who’s boss, Sandifer is proposing that companies be allowed to continue manufacturing the incandescent bulbs in South Carolina using imported parts.

Hmmmm …  Thomas Edison or Bill Sandifer … it’s really hard to say which of these men history will record as the greater visionary.

Anyway, while we’re glad that Sandifer has finally awakened to the evils of unnecessary government mandates (maybe that knock on the knoggin‘ he suffered recently in Panama did some good), we’re perplexed that this is where he is choosing to make his stand.

It’s not that we necessarily have a problem with this legislation … it’s just that once again lawmakers are wasting time on harebrained schemes while much more important business is being left unattended.