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We’ve been trying for weeks – weeks – to get South Carolina’s hottest television reporter to let us run a handful of pictures from her recent vacation to Hawaii.

Sorry, “Hawai’i.”

Lamentably, Dianne Gallagher isn’t budging.

Typically, we ask for forgiveness rather than permission around here, but in Gallagher’s case we know better: She speaks a dozen languages and we’re pretty sure she could kick our asses.

The reporter for CN2 in Rock Hill, S.C. said on a recent radio show that she’s concerned the PG pictures would adversely impact her professionally.

We disagree … but our opinion is based solely on the fact that Dianne Gallagher in a bikini = crazy hot (and crazy hits). Anyway, here’s hoping that she’ll change her mind and that we’ll be able to bring you at least one of the pictures soon.

C’mon Dianne!