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A researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) who recently made international headlines for his work in growing genetically-engineered beef is the subject of an undisclosed controversy at the school.

According to a big story in Thursday’s editions of Charleston Post and Courier, scientist Vladimir Mironov has been suspending indefinitely and his beef-growing lab has been shut down.

What happened?

University officials aren’t talking, although a copy of Mironov’s suspension letter obtained by the Post and Courier references “”unacceptable behavior” involving his contact with an unidentified research administrator.

Ruh-roh …

It has also been reported that the beef-growing scientist was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the time of his suspension (which is with pay, by the way).

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that potentially embarrassing personal scandals have bubbled up at MUSC. The school is a veritable petri dish of scandalous behavior – including alleged illicit relationships, misuse of public funds, sexual harassment and numerous other indiscretions.

In fact, MUSC gives General Hospital a run for its money when it comes to bad drama