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Welcome to Wednesday’s edition of the “post,” our daily compilation of the best (and worst) that the internet has to offer here in South Carolina and beyond.

Before you dive in, there are several late breaking stories we’re working on …

Wednesday afternoon in the S.C. Senate, former Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen dropped a major bombshell when he accused Gov. Mark Sanford’s administration of ordering one of its cabinet agencies to mislead lawmakers.

(To read our exclusive report on this brewing scandal, click here).

Also in late breaking news on Wednesday, FITS obtained a letter from former Board of Economic Advisors (BEA) Chairman John Rainey that represents a serious shot across the bow of the administration of Gov. Nikki Haley.

What is Rainey investigating? We’ll have a report on that later this evening …

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Finally be sure to KEEP CHECKING BACK (and frequently REFRESH THIS PAGE) as we routinely add links during the afternoon.



BREAKING: SC Sen. Lee Bright’s business owes $67,000 in back taxes … (GoUpstate)
Republican says he moved physical location of business, matter a “misunderstanding …”

Tea Party responds to transparency fiasco in Senate … (SC Hotline)

Nikki Haley blasts hospitals, lawmakers … (The State)

… calls bed tax proposal “immoral” … (AP)

… more coverage … (Greenville News)

Somebody’s got a bigger crush on  Haley than we did … (Palmetto Public Square)

Haley wants to show SC commitment to job training … (AP)

Haley: Obama’s budget “killing us one day at a time …” (FOX)

Haley and Graham should provide details of their health coverage … (Anderson Independent)
“I am certain that the two of them would embrace this bit of transparency.”

Haley turning out to be “politics as usual …” (Greenville News)

Obama and DeMint agree on something? (McClatchy)

US Rep. Jim Clyburn blasts Republicans over port money … (SCRN)

Bridget Keeney’s buds make out like bandits with your tax dollars … (.pdf)

Alvin Greene got smoked … (Politico)

Official results HERE … (SCVotes)

TAXPAYER ALERT: Columbia, S.C. puts the screws to energy customers … (WACH)

TAXPAYER ALERT: SC bill requiring “beverage deposit” gets no support … (AP)

TAXPAYER ALERT: No tax hike from Charleston County … (Post and Courier)

PERKS OF POWER: Who’s getting free housing in SC? (CCP)

SCGOP consultant accuses Policy Council of paying Tea Partiers … (Process Story)

… and gets slammed for it … (Stuffed Suits)

BUDGET: Costly provisos still being slipped in … (Post and Courier)

BUDGET: SC prison system eliminates its deficit … (The State)

BUDGET: Hundreds rally in support of mental health programs … (WYFF)

… but only a few dozen gather to support colleges … (Daily Gamecock)

… and whiny student paper bitches about it … (Daily Gamecock)

BUDGET: College cuts won’t be so bad … (The State)

BUDGET: State may not pay for football security anymore … (The State)

School choice called for in Beaufort … (The Voice)

SC currency movement gaining strength … (Free Times)

… but is panned in Upstate … (Anderson Independent)

Sen. Glenn McConnell’s raffle bill is supported … (T&D)

FRIVOLOUS LEGISLATION: Speaker Bobby Harrell’s “repeal amendment” passes … (WLTX)

Sen. Tom Davis wants panel to study traffic camera tickets … (Island Packet)
Says “no traffic camera” policy should remain in place prior to report.

SC looks at regulating school construction … (AP)

Cost of SC immigration bill debated … (Free Times)

Another MSM “Clemson commercial …” (Greenville News)

SC House District 64 race and “retrogression …” (Earl Capps)

SC Commerce chief wants port fix, better branding … (Free Times)

What about private investment?


2012: The Gettysburg election? (Media Matters)

The pitiful GOP field … (Atlantic)

Gov. Chris Christie lays out national vision … (Washington Post)

Gen. David Petraeus rumors swirl … (FP)

Mitt Romney hangs out with Killers lead singer … (LVRJ)
Is he GOP’s “Mr. Brightside?”

Romney the choice among sane Republicans … (Standard-Examiner)

Mitt’s dilemma … (Tapped)

Sarah Palin struggling in early 2012 states … (Politico)

Palin as President hits granite wall … (Washington Post)

How to control (and cash in on) the Palin Brand … (WNYC)

Palin guilty of incivility … (Daily Nexus)

Newt Gingrich has raised a ton of money … (Washington Post)

Michele Bachmann adds stop to SC trip … (CNN)

… more coverage … (Herald Online)

Tim Pawlenty wants lawmakers to do their own taxes … (HuffPo)

The media versus Haley Barbour? (Politics Daily)

Is Barbour a regional pol? (Politico)

Crooked Charlie Rangel files for reelection … (NY1)

Rick Santorum has a Google problem … (HuffPo)

Santorum says to beware of Big Bird’s lobbyists … (CNN)

"My lobby posse rolls deep ..."


FED BUDGET: The “unobligated” $700 billion … (GetLiberty)

FED BUDGET: Obama ignores interest payments in claiming to control debt … (FOX)

FED BUDGET: Democratic Senator blasts Obama’s failure to cut spending … (CNN)
“History will condemn us all if we don’t do substantially more.”

FED BUDGET: A budget no one believes … (Foundry)

FED BUDGET: Obama wants “civil discussion” on spending … (Washington Post)

FED BUDGET: Obama plays hardball with veto threat … (Politico)

FED BUDGET: Obama’s government shutdown threat … (FOX)

FED BUDGET: US House ignores Obama veto threat … (Reuters)

FED BUDGET: Expert disses Obama, GOP for lack of substance on spending … (CRFB)
“The time for idle chatter and sweet nothings is over.”

FED BUDGET: GOP says its plan will include entitlement reform … (Washington Post)

House urged to defund Obamacare … (GetLiberty)

Waste that can be cut now … (Foundry)

Debating the “stimulus …” (Cato)

Rep. Blackburn opposes over-regulating the Internet … (YouTube)

GOP plans changes to union laws … (Chron)

US Marshal shot dead in West Virginia … (Reuters)

Somali pirate sentenced … (ABC)

Another reason California is broke … (LA Times)

GOP punts on farm subsidies … (Cato)

Florida Governor to Obama: No high speed rail for you! (Miami Herald)

BIZ: Federal Reserve upgrades growth forecasts for 2011 … (NYT)

… upgrades due in large part to extension of tax cuts … (USA Today)

US Sen. Scott Brown says he was sexually abused as a child … (Boston Globe)

MIDDLE EAST: Violence in Iran … (Reuters)

MIDDLE EAST: Protests in Bahrain … (Forbes)

MIDDLE EAST: An interactive map of the protests … (BBC)

MIDDLE EAST: Iran is feeling froggy … (AlJazeera)

Iran's warships are ready to roll ...


How all arguments should end … with cleavage! (The Smoking Gun)

This is news??? Jeez … (WIS)

Mrs. Sic needs one of these … (WA Today)

Free condoms … there’s an app for that … (AP)

Peter Rabbit gets an upgrade … (Sipsey Street Irregulars)

Junk food causes female orgasms … (Korea Times)

Oops! Doctor leaves scissors in patient … (AOL)

“Stay classy, San Diego …” (Sign On SD)

Robocop statue on hold … (CSM)

“Food Liberation Army” want to behead Ronald McDonald … (Helsinki Times)

Germany doesn’t want kids using their inside voice … (AOL)

Scream kids, it's cool ...


SCAR FB: Steve Spurrier urged to hire Colts special teams coach … (Gamecock Central)

Jadeveon Clowney fallout: Former Clemson coach dogged out Tigers … ( T&D)
Rumph: “They can’t win there.”

Jadeveon Clowney post-announcement reaction … (MSNBC)

SCAR Hoops: Gamecocks traveling to Tennessee … (Gamecock Central)

SCAR Baseball: Can Gamecocks repeat? (Free Times)

Clemson FB: Assessing the wide receivers … (Shakin the Southland)

Clemson FB: Those first games are doozies … (Post and Courier)

Former Clemson star had his knee scoped … (Charlotte Observer)

Clemson Hoops: Can the Tigers make it to the ‘Big Dance?’ (Shakin the Southland)

Gamecock swimmers head to SEC championship … (Daily Gamecock)

Tiger swimmers head to ACC championship … (Official Site)

Virginia Tech gets re-acquainted with Shane Beamer … (WP)

Albert Pujols deadline passes with no deal .. (SI)

Free Plax! (Cincy Jungle)

… wide receiver “doing great” and ready to play, says agent … (Yahoo)

Free Plax!



… Brooklyn Decker pics … (The Superficial)

… Irina Shayk pics … (The Superficial)

Minka Kelly is casual … (Popoholic)

Charlie Sheen enjoyed this … (Beer Goggler)

Ashley Greene forgot something … (Egotastic)

That OJ Simpson lawyer’s cleavage is kinda scary … (Dlisted)

Rihanna shot down Ryan Phillipe … (US Mag)

Flavor Flav wants to go back to high school … (BF)

Jessica Alba is pregnant again … (The Superficial)

Julianne Moore shows some leg … (Beer Goggler)

Lots of Hayden what’s her name … (DJ Mick)

Rebbeca Romijn wears short shorts … (The Superficial)